Practice argument amanda

1. Who wrote this article? How does his profession influence his perspective

ANSWER: The person who wrote this is doug johnson his profession influence his perspective because students have been taking photos of quiz/test answers and sending it to other children.

2. Re-read paragraphs 1 and 2. Define BYOD.
ANSWER: In the first 2 paragraphs the word BYOD stands for Bring Your Own Device.
3. In the second bullet-point, what does ubiquitous mean?

ANSWER: existing or being everywhere, especially at the same time.

4. According to the first section of the article, why is BYOD becoming so popular in schools?

ANSWER : BYOD is becoming popular in schools because tablets , netbooks & multipurpose e-readers and smartphones have become affordable to an increasing number of families.

5. In the second section entitled Steering in the Right Direction, what does Johnson mean when he uses the proverb, "It's easier to steer a camel in the direction it is already headed"? Why do you think he chose to use this type of evidence to support BYOD?
ANSWER: The author used this type of evidence because they want the schools to think of it as a good way for example:other schools have simply ignored such devices or left the rules regarding them up to indiviual teachers. Considering the popularity and educational usefulness of these tools.However such strategies are no longer viable.

6. Re-read the first sentence in the section entitled The Importance of Having a Plan. What is the meaning of the word influx?
ANSWER: the meaning of influx is: an arrival of large numbers of people or things.

7. Re-read the subheading Establishing policies. Why do you think Johnson offers this advice to school administrators?
ANSWER: I think Johnson offers this advice to the school administrators because he wants there approval and there advice to see if they agree with him that kids can bring there cell phones to school.
8. Johnson thought of many counterarguments the negative team may bring up by offering advice to prevent certain problems BYOD can bring. What are 4 these problems? How do his rebuttals strengthen his argument.
ANSWER:the four problems are that the students technologies are disruptive to teachers while there teaching there classess. the teachers is concered that its a distractive nature.professional development must create guidelines towards tecnology use and help them develop lessons.
9. Re-read the last paragraph. What does equity mean? Do you agree with Johnson or Stager?

Equity:the equity of being fair and being impartial. i agree with johnson that we should be able to bring our own devices to school.