art is crazy and thats what makes it so fun!
art is crazy and thats what makes it so fun!
external image stock-photo-paintbrush-and-mixed-acrylic-paint-23085076.jpgexternal image romantical-love-painting-photo.jpg3 I love Art more than I love candy <3

I think I found LOVE

There’s something that I really love that you can’t tell just by looking at me its art. I don’t really know why I love it but I do. Art is very fun and entertaining to me some people thinks being able to draw is nothing and that art is boring. But I don’t think so because drawing makes me happy. Having a talent to draw makes me feel special. not many people can draw and they mostly do ugly little stick figures so I love being able to draw and have that talent .it also challenges me because it makes me look critically at every little detail .it also helps me with my stamina because it takes really long to sit there and finish a painting and I never timed myself when I draw but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t take 2 minutes but when I’m drawing I don’t get tired or think about anything it’s like I’m in the zone and like nobody is like even important or alive it’s just me so nobody dares to bother me . That’s why I love ART.
paint brush crush
external image Contemporary_painting_Tree_of_Love_1.jpg

Some people like to draw multiple stuff like houses, and plants, and what not. well that is not me don’t get me wrong I like to draw a blade of grass as much as the next girl but that’s not what I really enjoy .mostly i draw humans to be more specific girls . I think I mostly draw girls because I’m a girl and drawing a girl takes a lot more detail than boys and for some reason I love to use detail a lot .however I do think I should try to draw different things besides people when I try to draw without looking at like a subject like a pic or person It kind of comes out a little cartoonish unless I’m looking at a person or the image then it comes out pretty good. However I can I’m working on drawing more realistically and might take some art classes.

my style
Everyone has their own drawing style and mine is unique to me I am mostly neat when I draw and I say this because some artist draw and it comes out kid of sloppy and they may also keep their surroundings and materials a mess . also I wanted to talk a little about me me trying new art styles and different types of drawing so before I mostly did like cartoonish stuff now I’m focusing on drawing more realistic drawings . Last but least art history I know ABSOULUTLY NOTHING ABOUT IT! unlike many people interested in art I only know a few famous artists and not much about materials I know about acrylic paint which I got some off last weekend and oil pastels but that’s really it . But to me I don’t care if I’m not the smartest person in math or the best at sports and I’m really bad at waking up in the morning for school , BUT when I’m bad at all of these things but when I hold a paint brush I feel like a genius and thats why i love art <3,1231607986,1/stock-photo-paintbrush-and-mixed-acrylic-paint-23085076.jpg,1231334329,1/stock-photo-creative-art-background-made-of-old-paint-brushes-albums-palette-colored-pencils-and-other-tools-22899970.jpg