Seeking Solutions

We will identify community problems in our school and in Hunts Point, brainstorm solutions, and plan a letter writing campaign to create the change we would like to see in our learning environment.

Problem 1: Due to recent increase in violent acts in the Hunts Point area near Hyde Leadership Charter School, a meeting was held with community organizations and the 41st Precinct. The response the Police Department gave in response to the community's concerns was budget cuts have affected the man power necessary to patrol the streets of Hunts Point.
Brainstorm: Where do tax dollars go in NYC to prevent crime and keep our streets safe?
Task: Read through the projected 2012-2015 New York City Budget spreadsheet. Analyze the New York City Budget to see how money is planned to be spent on police departments compared to corrections departments. Write a letter to a local elected official with our findings and either a request for more information or suggestions for budgetary adjustments.
2012-2015 Projected NYC Budget Analysis
Observations, Questions, Suggestions