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Author: Amani Smith

Amani smith was born inBronx,New Yorkwith 4 sisters. She went to a school atHydeLeadershipCharterSchool. It didn’t take much steps in the writing process for Amani. She just had an idea and started to write. Amani’s motivation was her love for the four elements. She always wanted super powers. Amani’s audience is teenagers. She doesn’t like little kids or adults.

Amani’s inspiration was the show avatar: The Last Air Bender. She likes watch a lot of cartoons like that. Amani’s theme relates to her because she appreciates what she has and doesn’t abuse her power. Amani was helped by Ms Franco.

Author: Kenneth Winfrey
Tittle:Operation Shut Down

The theme of Kenneth’s story is that there is no time to sit around when someone needs help. Theme relates to Kenneth is in life when in school when someone asks him for help. He wouldn’t just sit around and do nothing. Kenneth was born in the Bronx, New York and went to a school called Hyde Leadership Charter School.

Kenneth’s inspiration for his story was the movie avengers with the cube idea. Kenneth was also inspired by the book Kill Alex Cross with the perspective of the secret agent spy. Kenneth felt that these things are amazing in their own way and the creativeness of the movie and the book was amazing. That is Kenneth’s inspiration for his Science fiction story.

Author: Maria Guzman
Tittle: Destiny With A Twist

Science fiction? There are so many possibilities, wonders, and imagination. Maria Guzman, a young girl from New York uses her imagination to write a suspenseful, very detailed, and futuristic story that never gets old. As a girl born in New York, her inspiration comes from the way she lives her life. Maria got the idea to based her science fiction story based on a hero, as in the hero’s from cartoons, shows, and movies, but her own twist on it.

For her process, well, she didn’t really rely on a process. Once her idea was in her head, she sat down at the computer table and free wrote. She wrote until she couldn’t write anymore. As days went by, the teachers from her middle school and students helped her improve her writing. As her final few steps came, she knew hard work and perseverance was screaming at her face.

As a writer, Maria Guzman writes what she feels. Her story may not be the best to everyone but it does symbolize friendship, unity, and never changing who you are. Her main character, Jennifer makes a very bad mistake. But as she realized her mistake her friends support her. Maria lives through that every single day in middle school. Going into high school, she wants to be herself especially in her writing. She wishes everyone to know that you should love what you have; don’t wish upon something you don’t need.

Author: Leslie Martinez
Tittle: Death Signals

After countless of hours sitting at her desk, Leslie Martinez was finally able to come up with the plot of her story. Unlike other authors, Leslie had a hard time finding inspiration for her story. She found inspiration in the world of science. Considering, her long life desire to become an astronomer. Leslie decided to make a science fiction story that involves space.

Leslie was born in Bronx, New York. She is currently attending Hyde Leadership Charter School. In one week she will be graduating from middle school. In September 2012 she will be attending Hyde High School.