Edwin Garcia
The inspiration to this story was the movie Death Race and the use of my imagination to elaborate on the movie.
The movie Death Race is about jail persons who are on Death Row have the chance to compete in a race to the death and the winner gets out of Death Row and gets out free, one man was getting home from working in the mines one day after a riot with the little of a paycheck he got then suddenly the door of his house burst open while he's cooking and he is knocked unconscious by a bat. When he awakes he finds his wife and baby (son) has been murdered and he has been framed for it because the bloody knife is in his hand. He is then taken to jail on Death Row, this is when he decides to join the race and take out the person who framed him. That is the inspiration to my story.

The writing process for my story was first of opening up my imagination, whilst digging through my imagination I thought of the movie Death Race and struck gold. Then I thought of how I'd futurize the movie and make it my own story.

The theme to this story does not connect to me at all.

Lloendy Flete
The inspiration for my story was a video game that had a story line & I switched the story up to a whole new level. The theme connects to me because whenever I can't do something I find another way to do it. The person who helped me was Shane Camillo, he helped me with adding details to my story.

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